Welcome to Crimson Heights!

A fresh new name, for a fresh era of our server!

A world, discovered by our ancestors generations ago through a mystical portal, this is no ordinary world. We are the only dwelling in this dimension. Our greatest scientists are working toward finding our way home to our original dimension... but it may be a long and dangerous journey. Whatever your role in this world is meant to be, We're...
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Season 2 is coming to an end, and season 3 is on the horizon
A few months ago, we started work on a new project. The next season of TMM, to be released alongside the caves and cliffs update. Unfortunately due to the COVID situation pushing the update into 3 parts, we decided to postpone our efforts and continued to support season 2. It's now time for our energy to go into the next big step in TMM.

As of...

Christmas Update


Welcome to December on TMM!
There's a few cool things you should have a look at.

  • Advent Calendar (command /calendar) with new rewards every day
    • Magic Set gear
    • Coins
    • Gems
    • Hats

New title system and chat colours
This evening I have implemented the new chat system we have been working on for a while.

The chat system has been updated so that titles are in their own little container next to your name... speaking of your name, it's now the same colour as your title. On top of that, your chat message colour will be an accent of the title colour.

Let's see some...

Update to dungeons and resource world jobs
  • The Dark Crypt no longer has a 30 minute cooldown
  • Jobs are no longer available in resources world.

Crate Keys vendor & Daily Quest update
Crate Keys
Crate keys vendor is back! You can spend your gems to get vote, pet and cosmetic keys.

Daily Quests during Halloween event
We've also added 1x Halloween Crate key to every daily quest you complete during this event.

Halloween Update

This years Halloween update is a massive one, introducing new gear, a huge quest to do, a new dungeon and tons more stuff.
Spawn City

The spawn has been revamped with tons of Halloween decorations, Easter eggs and fun rewards to find.


Bug Fix: Bows and Tridents
Bows and Tridents now do their appropriate damage.
For a while now non-magic bows and all tridents have not done enough damage, it's been way below what it should be.

This bug is now fixed.
Magic Items texture update & Helmet Skin update
All magic items will update to look like this:


You will soon be able to get the chestplate and boots as well.
All helmet skins will be removed from the game and everyone who bought them with gems will get the model as a cosmetic item.

New skill rewards for daily quests
You now get xp rewards for your skills from daily quests depending on your level in that skill.

Example - Fishing Daily quest "Splashing":

  • If you are level 1 fishing = you get 200 xp
  • If you are level 10 fishing = you get 2000 xp
  • If you are level 20 fishing = you get 4000...

New Pets: Amung Us with animated hamsters
13 new pets added! 13 colors of among us characters with animated hamster friends.


Pet Crate Update
Pet crate no longer gives you consumable items, it simply unlocks the pet for you. If you already have the pet you win unlocked you instead gain 25 coins.


Vote Rewards & Daily Bonus


We've done an update to Daily Bonus so that you don't get keys that we don't have crates for anymore and updated voting rewards quite a bit.


  • Epic Key removed from Daily Bonus.
  • Vehicle key removed from Daily Bonus.

Auction House Update
We've removed the costs related to posting items on the auction house and increased the amount of items you can post depending on your rank and if you're VIP.


  • There is no longer a listing fee for selling items on the auction house.
  • Normal users can list 4 items/stacks at the time.
  • Knight rank or higher can list 6...

Some bug fixes and improvements for Lobby
New: Server Queue
When you're in lobby and survival server is full, there will be an automatic queue to join the server. Staff and VIP ranks get priority queue.

Bug fixes:
  • Particle Trails are fixed.
  • We had some lag issues in Lobby that should be fixed.
Chest Shop Update
Chest Shops now display if they are in stock or not, in stock:


Not in stock:


You may have to replace a shop for the update to take effect, or simply have someone buy from it.

Epic crate discontinued and the hack
Epic Crate
Today we have made the decision to remove our Epic Crate completely from the game. We decided that it was too powerful and we felt it was very pay to win in the event someone donated for the keys. To fill the space I have moved the vote crate to where the old epic crate was.

Pets are back!
You can find them using /menu or /mpet in survival and lobby.

Some of our old pets may seem buggy until we go through all of them.

New Job: Chef
You can now access the new job Chef through the jobs menus in /menu


Job Update: Builder

The job Builder is now updated and have tons and tons of blocks added that gives you money when you place them.



Cobblestone slab
Cobblestone Stairs
Cobblestone Wall
Mossy Cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone Wall
Mossy Cobblestone Stairs
Mossy Cobblestone Slabs
Stone bricks...

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