New ranks, new perks, hope you love it!

Everyone can now progress through 17 ranks in-game.

You unlock more and more rewards + perks as you get higher ranks.

The list below is an image, you can see the updated list on the Survival Server page under "ranks", there you can find info on all Survival features, regularly updated and improved.

It's a lot easier reading the list on...
Hey everyone!

We're currently re-creating our creative server, and we'd like to know what you would want to see on there! We already know you want new build battle themes, and they'll come! But ANY feature you want, you should suggest to us by clicking here!

We promise that if we implement your idea, we'll give you an award when it comes time to launch!

So what are you waiting for? Help us make an awesome creative experience...

Today we've updated all voting rewards and made a very easy to use voting page here on the website:
It's much easier to use the page here then the links in-game.

New rewards:
  • 50 coins per vote you do (Survival)
  • 1x Vote key for every third vote you do (Survival)
  • 1x Vote key when you vote on all sites the...
Hey all! Welcome to our brand new website. @Esron and I were discussing the website a while ago and decided our last one didn't look good, and was not fit for purpose. Hence our decision to convert to this site. We're now using a more sophisticated software to manage the website, allowing us to explore new avenues! We've already implemented some! Take a look;

We've got a brand new forums which allows you to:
  • Better format your...
Welcome to a passion project of mine /Fred

What will this RPG server be like?
First of all, it's an adventure mode server. This means that you can not place or break blocks (with exceptions due to gameplay, like mining ore in caves).
If you ever played a RPG like Skyrim or an MMORPG like World of Warcraft you'll have a good understanding of what this project aims at.
For those that have not played a bigger RPG before, think one of them single...
Magic Items - A preview of something big to come

  • Magic Ingot. Craft this and many more items at the "Magic Specialist" in /spawn

  • Magic Greatsword. A sword that does 10 dmg (20% more dmg then a Netherite Sword) + has a special ability when you rightclick. It does a hit all around you for 15 dmg + does a pushback.

  • ...
Hello TMMers!

Today we've revamped excavation and more specifically the treasures you can find.

Here is the full list (if an item is not on the list, you can't find it):

  • Iron Nugget
    • Skill level: 120
    • Drops from: Dirt, Coarse_Dirt, Podzol, Grass_Block, Sand, Red_Sand, Gravel, Clay, Mycelium, Soul_Sand
  • Gold Nugget
    • Skill level: 150
    • Drops from: Dirt, Coarse_Dirt, Podzol, Grass_Block, Sand, Red_Sand, Gravel, Clay, Mycelium, Soul_Sand

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