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Here you can see the latest about our survival server.
Due to how popular the new cosmetic hats are we've lowered the rank requirement to equip them :) Enjoy!

See ranks and perks here: Survival
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Welcome to the dungeon Starship!

A dungeon made for 1-3 people.

Let's see who can beat it first :)
Simply go to spawn and run over to the custom dungeons area, join a group and walk through the portal.

More dungeons in many styles and difficulties coming soon!​
Hey everyone!

Small update from me, just to say that vehicles NO LONGER require any fuel!

More updates to come, so keep your eye out! ;)

All new PETS! This crate replaced the old builders crate.

There are currently 45 pets you can get, we will be adding more later!
Use the pets you unlock with /mpet

You get the pet keys from the vote crate.

Hope you enjoy not having to deal with tech or builder crate anymore :) <3 /Fred & Scott​

All new hats and emoji's to win from the vote crates!

Enjoy all these hats and these in-game emoji's: ? ⚔ ? ? ? ? ? ?
All unlockable in the new cosmetic crate that replaced the old tech crate!

You equip the hats with /hat while holding the item, unlocked through the
Hey all!

We've launched a new feature tonight allowing you to benefit from inviting your friends on to TMM! Why not?

To gain the rewards you seek, have the new player do the command /ref <your username> within 60 minutes of them joining (they must also finish the start tutorial first), then you must accept the referral! To accept you can either click ACCEPT in the chat or type the following command...
New ranks, new perks, hope you love it!

Everyone can now progress through 17 ranks in-game.

You unlock more and more rewards + perks as you get higher ranks.

The list below is an image, you can see the updated list on the Survival Server page under "ranks", there you can find info on all Survival features, regularly updated and improved.

It's a lot easier reading the list on...

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