Halloween Update (9th of October - 7th of November)


Halloween Update

This years Halloween update is a massive one, introducing new gear, a huge quest to do, a new dungeon and tons more stuff.
Spawn City

The spawn has been revamped with tons of Halloween decorations, Easter eggs and fun rewards to find.



If you walk outside spawn there will be a witch waiting for you. Will you be the savior of the city this year? Or will all inhabitants die? we'll find out.


Dungeon - The Dark Crypt

Once you get far enough into the Halloween quest you'll unlock our latest dungeon The Dark Crypt. Here you'll fight the dead who are rising from their rest.

Chest Loot:

  • Food
  • Low grade armor
  • Netherite Tools
  • Some diamond armor pieces
  • New custom food that restores health and hunger

Mob loot:
  • Iron Ingot
  • Blaze Powder
  • XP
Boss loot - Fallen Herald:
  • Iron Ingot 5-15 (50% chance)
  • Copper ingot 5-15 (50% chance)
Boss loot - Fallen Warden
  • Amethyst Shard 5-15 (50% chance)
  • Netherite Scrap 3-7 (50% chance)
Boss loot - The Fallen Reaper
  • 100% chance for material drop
    • 12-24 Raw Gold
    • 2-31 Raw Iron
  • 10% chance for gear drop
    • Magic Boots (50% chance) - The entire party gets 1 pair each.
    • Magic Chestplate (50% chance) - The entire party gets 1 each.
Souldbound gear
If you get one of the new armor pieces it will soulbind to you, this means that no other player can equip or use the item. So there is no way to get them except actually beating the dungeon.

Dungeon Tickets
You need a dungeon ticket to enter the dungeon, these can be earned from daily quests and the Halloween Crate.

Dungeon Cooldown
You have to wait 30 min after playing the dungeon to play it again.


Scavenger Hunt

If you find all 10 carcasses in spawn city you might get a nice reward...


Halloween Crate & Pets

Use your vote keys to earn Halloween keys, there are 31 new pets and other rewards to win!


This update is a huge one and has taken myself + a few helping hands weeks to make. Hope you enjoy <3