Job Update: Builder


Job Update: Builder

The job Builder is now updated and have tons and tons of blocks added that gives you money when you place them.



Cobblestone slab
Cobblestone Stairs
Cobblestone Wall
Mossy Cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone Wall
Mossy Cobblestone Stairs
Mossy Cobblestone Slabs
Stone bricks
Stone brick slab
Stone brick stairs
Stone brick wall
Mossy Stone bricks
Mossy stone brick slab
Mossy stone brick stairs
Mossy stone brick wall
end stone bricks
end stone brick slab
end stone brick stairs
end stone brick wall
waxed copper block
waxed cut copper
waxed cut copper stairs
waxed cut copper slab
warped planks
warped stairs
warped slab
warped hyphae
warped stem
warped fence
warped fence gate
warped wart block
stripped warped stem
warped Nylium
crimson planks
crimson stairs
crimson slab
crimson hyphae
crimson stem
crimson fence
crimson fence gate
stripped crimson stem
crimson Nylium
brick slab
brick stairs
brick wall
prismarine bricks
prismarine brick stairs
prismarine brick slab
prismarine stairs
prismarine slab
prismarine wall
dark prismarine
dark prismarine slab
dark prismarine stairs
oak wood
stripped oak wood
oak log
stripped oak log
oak planks
oak slab
oak stairs
oak fence
oak fence gate
oak door
oak trapdoor
dark oak wood
stripped dark oak wood
dark oak log
stripped dark oak log
dark oak planks
dark oak slab
dark oak stairs
dark oak fence
dark oak fence gate
dark oak door
dark oak trapdoor
spruce wood
stripped spruce wood
spruce log
stripped spruce log
spruce planks
spruce slab
spruce stairs
spruce fence
spruce fence gate
spruce door
spruce trapdoor
birch wood
stripped birch wood
birch log
stripped birch log
birch planks
birch slab
birch stairs
birch fence
birch fence gate
birch door
birch trapdoor
jungle wood
stripped jungle wood
jungle log
stripped jungle log
jungle planks
jungle slab
jungle stairs
jungle fence
jungle fence gate
jungle door
jungle trapdoor
acacia wood
stripped acacia wood
acacia log
stripped acacia log
acacia planks
acacia slab
acacia stairs
acacia fence
acacia fence gate
acacia door
acacia trapdoor
diorite slab
diorite stairs
diorite wall
polished diorite
polished diorite slab
polished diorite stairs
granite slab
granite stairs
granite wall
polished granite
polished granite slab
polished granite stairs
andesite slab
andesite stairs
andesite wall
polished andesite
polished andesite slab
polished andesite stairs
white wool
orange wool
magenta wool
light blue wool
yellow wool
lime wool
pink wool
gray wool
light gray wool
cyan wool
purple wool
blue wool
brown wool
green wool
red wool
black wool
white terracotta
orange terracotta
magenta terracotta
light blue terracotta
yellow terracotta
lime terracotta
pink terracotta
gray terracotta
light gray terracotta
cyan terracotta
purple terracotta
blue terracotta
brown terracotta
green terracotta
red terracotta
black terracotta
white glazed terracotta
orange glazed terracotta
magenta glazed terracotta
light blue glazed terracotta
yellow glazed terracotta
lime glazed terracotta
pink glazed terracotta
gray glazed terracotta
light gray glazed terracotta
cyan glazed terracotta
purple glazed terracotta
blue glazed terracotta
brown glazed terracotta
green glazed terracotta
red glazed terracotta
black glazed terracotta
sandstone slab
sandstone stairs
sandstone wall
chiseled sandstone
cut sandstone
cut sandstone slab
smooth sandstone
smooth sandstone stairs
smooth sandstone slab
nether bricks
nether brick slab
nether brick stairs
nether brick wall
nether brick fence
cracked nether bricks
chiseled nether bricks
red nether bricks
red nether brick stairs
red nether brick slab
red nether brick wall
purpur block
purpur slab
purpur stairs
purpur pillar
white concrete
orange concrete
magenta concrete
light blue concrete
yellow concrete
lime concrete
pink concrete
gray concrete
light gray concrete
cyan concrete
purple concrete
blue concrete
brown concrete
green concrete
red concrete
black concrete
blackstone stairs
blackstone slab
blackstone wall
polished blackstone
polished blackstone slab
polished blackstone wall
polished blackstone stairs
polished blackstone bricks
polished blackstone brick stairs
polished blackstone brick slab
polished blackstone brick wall
cracked polished blackstone
chiseled polished blackstone
polished basalt
smooth basalt
red sandstone
red standstone wall
red sandstone slab
red sandstone stairs
cut red sandstone
cut red sandstone slab
smooth red sandstone
smooth red sandstone slab
smooth red sandstone stairs
deepslate bricks
deepslate brick wall
deepslate brick stairs
deepslate brick slab
cracked deepslate bricks
deepslate tiles
deepslate tile wall
deepslate tile stairs
deepslate tile slab
cracked deepslate tiles
polished deepslate
polished deepslate wall
polished deepslate stairs
polished deepslate slab
cobbled deepslate
cobbled deepslate wall
cobbled deepslate stairs
cobbled deepslate slab