Welcome to Crimson Heights!

A fresh new name, for a fresh era of our server!

A world, discovered by our ancestors generations ago through a mystical portal, this is no ordinary world. We are the only dwelling in this dimension. Our greatest scientists are working toward finding our way home to our original dimension... but it may be a long and dangerous journey. Whatever your role in this world is meant to be, We're sure you’ll settle in just fine. Maybe you’ll be the master of the auction house, the mayor of a large town, or an inventor discovering brand new recipes for armor and tools no one’s heard of before.

Whatever you choose to do, just don’t cause trouble or the city guards will lock you up.

When we started development of the next season of our server, we decided that the name “TMM” has had its heyday - we have been using it since 2012 after all! This new name gives us new life to breathe. You may have also noticed that we’ve refreshed the general look of the brand too. Out are the blues and in with the reds - we’ve also taken a more pixel-art direction.

Make sure you follow our notifications on Discord as we post teasers up until the launch of the new server.

See you soon!
/ Fred and Scott